Pakistani Outing to Port Dickson : August 3, 2014

The Pakistani migrant group supported by MMK made a rare and throroughly enjoyable day trip to Port Dickson on August 3.

The report below is by Suzanne Adams, one of the MMK volunteers who joined the happy throng.


” Bright and early on a beautiful Sunday morning, August 3, 2014, 100+ Pakistanis and children left for a day program and outing at Port Dickson Beach. We were loaded in 2 buses and one van. Many were excited just to be together and to leave the everyday life in Kuala Lumpur for a while.

After an enjoyable trip, we arrived mid-morning and ate a light breakfast together.

Paki Outing 3

As our program began, the adults were divided up into 8 small groups. They practiced and performed skits based on stories given to them. Many became very creative, since there were no props. Then simple questions about the skits were asked of the group, and several participated enthusiastically.

Some Pakistani brothers initiated a happy time of dancing at the end of the program, in which everyone participated, either as a dancer or spectator.

During the adult program time, there was also a separate program planned for the Pakistani children, for kids 3 years and up. And this was led by 2 of the Pakistani women, experienced in working with kids. The children heard stories in Urdu and did activities based on these stories.

Paki Outing 2

After a satisfying lunch, everyone headed to the beach. Several had never been to the beach in Malaysia, and some had never been at all to the beach.  Many swam; others played in the water and waves; many relaxed on the beach eating homemade Pakistani food.

Paki Outing 1

There were many friendships formed this day and friendships were deepened through playing and spending time with each other.

On the way home we stopped for tea at another spot on the beach. We arrived safely back at MMK late that night, tired but happy. A pleasurable time was had by all. “

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