Help from Food Aid Foundation – February 2016

On 18th of February 2016 the El-shaddai Refugee Learning Centre (ERLC) received a memorable visit by two personnel from the Food Aid Foundation.

As Malaysia isn’t one of the many countries signed up to many international human rights treaties, the refugees in Malaysia suffer from financial hardship. Treated as illegal immigrants, these refugees mainly from Myanmar earn as little as RM200 a month in hopes of feeding families as big as 5 to 7 people.

With this concerning facts, in January 2016 Food Aid Foundation has stepped in to make sure the refugees seeking asylum in Malaysia have enough for the whole family to be fed.

Food Aid 2

Once a week, a van filled with fresh buns, rice, oil and even coconut drinks would be picked up from their centre in Cheras for distribution to all the needy refugees’ families in Klang. The foods collected are also used to prepare breakfast and lunch for the school students in ELRC five times a week.

Food Aid 3

On 18th February, Mr. Gopal and Ms. Jana from the Food Aid Foundation drove from Cheras hand delivering the food to ERLC. Through these encouraging actions, it is the hope of many involved that nobody has to go hungry in a land (Malaysia) that has an abundance of food.

Food Aid 1

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