Elshaddai Refugee Learning Centre (ERLC) Sports Day : Friday, October 3, 2014

This year’s Sports Day for the ERLC was held

at the Kota Raja Sports Stadium in Klang, and the improved facilities allowed for more comfortable competitive conditions as well as more efficient organisation.

Sports Day 1

As always, the day kicked off with the national anthem lustily sung by the almost full ERLC complement of over 300 children.

Some new events were introduced this year, like the Human Wheelbarrow race and Long Jump; thought the perennial favourites like the relay race and tug of war were enthusiastically competed in.


Again, as in prior years, the students were organised into 4 teams (red, yellow, green and blue); and a team of kind volunteers and teachers led by the effervescent Jimmy Chia ensured that the events ran to plan and on time.

Sports Day 6


A pizza lunch was generously sponsored by Grace Community Services and the Klang Wesley Methodist Church and all the kids, teachers and volunteers hungrily tucked in after a strenuous morning of activity

Sports Day 2

Despite the best efforts of the other teams, the Blue team won the overall championship and coveted trophy. Some excellent individual efforts were also recognised and awarded at the prize presentation which followed lunch.

Sports Day 3

The weather cooperated with ELRC, and temperatures and sunshine were comfortable during the events, and the rain didn’t make an appearance until the very end of the day

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