Telugu’s Ministry – Bro Kishore’s Testimony

My name is Kishore and I was born and brought up in a traditional Hindu family. I came to Malaysia three years ago and at present work in a factory as a general worker. Since coming here, I have gone through many struggles; for example, my agent cheated me and had taken away my passport and I am staying here undocumented till today. This situation has caused me to cry many times since this is the first time I have ever left my country and have to suffer in a foreign land with no one to comfort me. I have tried to call my agent for him to return my passport and valid permit but to no avail since he demanded RM 2000 to which I cannot effort to pay him.

Pastor Raju came to my place Kampung Jawa one day to comfort me and to pray for me. Since then, he has always visited and prayed for me. He then invited me to visit the Telugu church and that was the first time I have ever attended church in my life. I poured out my heart and prayed in church asking Jesus to comfort me and at that very moment I experienced peace in my heart and I now attend Sunday church regularly. I too now have good friends in the church and I find myself reading Bible often. I’ve come to know Christ who died for my sins and have received him into my life. I even found a good job as I have a boss who is kind to me.

While I was cleaning my house last month, I found two wooden idols in my bag which I had brought along three years ago. I was shocked as I had forgotten about them long time ago and so I asked my friend, what I shall do with the idols. He prayed for me and suggested me that I dispose of them away. I agreed and did so as I do not like having them anymore. I was slightly fearful with my action (of disposing the idols) but my pastor prayed and encouraged me to pray more. I now do not have any struggles by the grace of Jesus. I request from you to pray for my family so that they may leave the idols too and worship Jesus.

I give all the glory to my Jesus.

Bro Kishore

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