Telugu Christmas Event – December 22, 2013 at Klang Wesley Church

MMK is in contact with and supports many diverse ethnic migrant Christian groups in and around Klang.

One of the groups are the Telugus, who are a Dravidian ethnic group of India. The majority of them reside in the state of Andhra Pradesh, with a significant number of Telugu native speakers in the neighbouring states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Odisha.

Nearly 90 Telegus, from around Klang (eg. Kapar, Bukit Tinggi, Port Klang, Telogong, Kompanjawa, Serimuda, Kota Kumuning, Sri Sentosa, and Shah

Alam) came for a special Christmas Evangelistic event at the Klang Wesley Church on December 22.

Telugu 1

Rev. David Adams was the guest speaker; and touched many of the attendees with his impactful words. Of particular

resonance, Rev. David spoke about a prayer which is written in Hindu scriptures and which has direct relevance to Christian worship.

Telugu 2

One greatly-affected individual attended this Christmas service for the first time, and was so moved that he was unable to sleep on the night of the service, and asked for a water baptism the next day.

This person was duly baptised on Christmas Day together with another fellow Telugu.

Telugu 3

Gracious thanks to Wesley Methodist Church for giving Christmas gifts to all brothers and sisters who joined the event.

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