Pakistani’s Fellowship Eid Milan Party

MMK’s Pakistani Fellowship organized an Eid Milan Party in

the MMK office on 26th of October 2012. Bro. Jesse, along with some friends from Hong Kong and several Pakistani congregants attended along with a few other representatives from MMK. There were about a total of 50 in attendance on that day.

Pastor Stephen Kwok opened the occasion with prayer and all enjoyed the Pakistani delicious food prepared by Sister Sonal.

In the spirit of reciprocity of sharing the love with Pakistanis, Sister Sonal sang a song in Urdu. The song that Sister Sonal chose to sing was a prayer to Jesus.

Bro. Emmanuel Khokhar sang a song with his team from the book of Psalms.

Brother Jesse shared his testimony and also shared his thoughts about loving one another and the responsibilities of MMK for migrant workers.

Bro. Robin was the MC of this event and he spoke on the role of Christ’s sacrifice in the salvation of mankind and eternal life with his Pakistani brothers and sisters.

Finally, each and every Pakistani that attended this party hugged one other and voiced their appreciation of the Eid Party. They thanked MMK for remembering the Pakistanis and organizing this meaningful party to share Jesus’ love with them. This is a good platform to share love with other brothers and sisters.

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