Our fruits from the Vietnamese Ministry

Andrew recently made a trip to Vietnam. Here are some good news he encountered during the trip:

Andrew met this couple in the photo above who are new seminary graduates and will be assigned to serve in Cambodia. Our Vietnamese brother has Cambodian lineage and still speak Cambodian. They are fruits from MMK’s Vietnamese Ministry.

This couple above came to know the Lord through MMK while working here in Malaysia. They are now serving 150 miles away from Hanoi in a church that consists of many Vietnamese that have returned from working overseas. These worshipers are also expanding the gospel by serving in many other places.

These people above are MMK’s returnees that visited Andrew when he was in Hanoi. The 2 sisters in the photo; one of them is studying accounts while the other is a nurse in training.

Above is the story of a Vietnamese that came to faith when he was working in Klang. He came from a village where there no Christians at all. When he returned home, he was blessed as his parents was open to their decision to be Christians. In fact, not too long later, many in that village whose previous sentiments were not too welcoming of Christians, changed their stand and welcomed them in their midst.

All in all, it was a very encouraging trip for Andrew as he sees many fruits after 10 years of planting seeds thru MMK’s ministries. We now have 7 Vietnamese who has pledged to enter full time ministry. Not bad for home grown mission agency like MMK. We pray for even greater fruits in the days to come. Please pray with us!

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