MMK’s Friendship Cricket Tournament

On 29th July 2012, a cricket tournament organized by MMK was held at the Klang High School Cricket Field.


Three months ago, MMK began a new Sport Ministry among Pakistani and Bangladeshi workers. The culminating event of those first few months was a cricket tournament in which three teams participated. Two of the teams were made up of Pakistani workers and the third was made up of Bangladeshis. Migrant workers do not have many opportunities for sport, particularly sport in an organized fashion. Organizing sporting events improves the spirits of the individual players while creating a friendly environment in which to get exercise and spend time with people from traditionally opposing countries.

The Event

The day began at 9am with prayer. Brother Andrew and Uncle Lim, from Wesley Methodist Church, blessed the matches after reading Psalm 23. A large group of people were present to encourage

their respective teams. Events started with a match between the Pakistan Eagle Cricket Team and the Bangladeshi Team in which the Pakistanis won the match and were entered into the final. The second match of the day took place between the Bangladeshi Team and the Pakistani Lahore Cricket Team. Bangladesh took this match and prepared to enter the final.

The third and final match was a very tough contest, with both teams playing their hardest. In the end, the Pakistan Eagle Cricket Team came from behind to win the Championship.

Prize Distribution

Brother Jesse (the coordinator of the Pakistani ministry for MMK), Uncle Lim (of Wesley Methodist), Sister Kiara (of the USA), and a local Malay Sister were on hand to distribute the prizes amongst the teams. Brother Jesse awarded the winning Pakistani team captain, Pervaiz, with the Championship trophy and Uncle Lim awarded the runner-up Bangladeshi team captain, Muhammad Rabuil, with their trophy. Sister Kiara and our Malay Sister awarded Muhammad Khurram Butt of the winning Pakistani team with the Man of the Match Award, Muhammad Rabuil of the Bangladeshi team with the Best Bat man and Sadam Husain of the Bangladeshi team with the Best Bowler Award. In addition, the four prize distributors gave each member of the winning Pakistani team a medal.

MMK provided food and water to all the players and guests present and also made transportation available to all those who needed it. MMK also provided all the necessary sport equipment (bats, balls and tape) as well as the fees for the field.

Thank you very much for the generous donations that made this happy event possible.

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