MMK Celebrates 15 Years of helping Refugees

A momentous milestone was celebrated on January 17 with a fundraising dinner at Taman Rasnah Restaurant, Klang.

The occasion was MMK’s 15th year of operations and, at times, precarious existence.

Dinner 7_Small

With nearly 90 tables and almost 1,000 people; the atmosphere was electric with joyous thanksgiving for the safe passage of MMK through the stormy oceans  of financial challenge, staff & volunteer scarcity and explosions in cries for help from desperate migrants who have reached Malaysia.

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The opening speech by MMK President, Andrew Ng, was followed by a prayer of thanks by Dr.Goon Swee Fook.

Brief reports on MMK’s major activity for 2015 were made by leaders of various groups including Dr.Ng Oi Leng (H4R Medical), Pastor Caleb (Vietnamese Ministry), Bro Ching Kiat (Myanmar Ministry) and Sis Whye Yeng (Elshaddai Refugee Learning Centre (ERLC)).

Entertainment was provided first by a group of students from ERLC who sang a few lively gospel numbers. Then a fascinating performance by a Bell Symphony from The Wesley Church of Kuala Lumpur entranced the dinner attendees, though the true magnificence of the music was only shared by those closest to the stage as the sound system in the restaurant was sub-par.

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Dinner was served throughout this time, with diners appetites enhanced by the performances onstage.

Further summaries of MMK 2015 activity also continued throughout the multi-course dinner; this time by Dr.Goon (on a new migrant Shelter home), Ms.Julie Tan (2nd Chance), Martin & Rina (Nepali Ministry) and Bro Jerry Surianto (M Ministry)

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Insights into the real life struggles of refugees  were provided by testimonies of 2 people; a Myanmarese student from ERLC and a Nepalise refugee being helped by MMK.

The evening closed with a brief presentation of financial information by Peter Gan, and a big thank you for everyone’s attendance by President Andrew Ng.


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