January 31 to February 2, 2014 : Vietnamese Discipleship Camp, Cameron Highlands

The highlight of the year for the Vietnamese Christian groups that MMK supports was the annual discipleship camp; this year held at the Chee Foo Methodist centre in Cameron Highlands.

Viet Camp 2

A good turn-out of 180 people attended, with 75 from MMK’s groups plus 100 other folks from 4 other fellowships in KL, Muar, Shah Alam and Klang.

4 Australian-Vietnamese came along as camp speakers to share their perpectives.

The usual classroom studies were augmented by team building activities; and for this year the main message was about the 3 Self’s (Self-Propogate, Self-Administer, and Self-Fund).

Viet Camp 1

The basic thrust of the 3 Self’s concept is to raise the disciples awareness that, to best carry forth the Word, they need to empower themselves to start disciple-activities e.g. start cell-groups, prayer groups, spread the Word amongst their own friends and families.

Viet Camp 5

Hence, the disciples were strongly urged to kick off their own evangelising activities and not wait or rely solely on the churches, pastors or volunteers to get the ball rolling.

Viet Camp 4

The attendees sorely took the significance of this new approach to heart, and left the camp with fond memories of meaningful times, and charged-up to go forth to spread the Gospel.

Viet Camp 3


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