ERLC Myanmarese children’s Church Camp

An enthusiastic group of around 125 ERLC Myanmarese students gathered at St.Barnabus Church, Klang for a 5 day church camp from November 23rd.


While accomodation (sleeping bags on floors!) and food was simple, there were certainly no reservations about the joy and enthusiasm shown by the children for a few days of fellowship and fun with their learning mates.

Activities over the 5 days included group discussions on different aspects of Christianity, arts and crafts lessons, quiet reflective study time plus daily praise & worship as well as song and dance sessions.

The camp was partially sponsored by ERLC, but mainly funded privately by hard-earned funds from  Myanmarese individuals. The culmination on Friday night was a combined service followed by a drama competition amongst the students, who were divided into 4 groups.


The guest at the combined service was Pastor Charles, a Myanmarese pastor, who shared valuable teachings and idea with the students. The service included lively songs and dances led by a few talented Myanmarese ladies from local church groups.

Pastor Charles

The drama skits that followed were creative, joyous  interpretations of Biblical themes, with a few hilarious hiccups which the audience greatly enjoyed.

Prizes were presented not only to the winning group, but also to the many helpers and volunteers who helped make the camp such an enjoyable and blessed event.


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