ERLC Children’s Day Concert : October 30, 2015

One of the more eagerly awaited annual events at ERLC is the Children’s Day Concert.



This year the concert was held on October 30 in the St.Barnabus, Klang  hall with the help of about 20 volunteers from The Glad Tidings Church, Klang.


Apart from helping with the organisation of the event the Glad Tidings team also generously sponsored a delicious  lunch for all the children and staff.
Glad Tidings Church has been supporting this event now for over 5 years, and they also make a generous monthly financial contribution to ERLC.

Over 200 students attended the concert, though numbers would have been far greater had one of ERLC’s vans not broken down !


ERLC’s fleet of vans is now quite old, and breakdowns more common, impacting not only special events as this, but also the normal daily pick up & return of students. Replacements are being sought but hampered (as ever) by lack of funding and sponsors.

A number of organisers led the students in singalongs during the frantic morning activities. Students not only sang along but groups of children were also “volunteered” on stage to participate in the songs.


An captivating video on “sand art” was shown to the students who were both intrigued and stimulated by the unusual artform. This method of “painting” is extremely rare to observe and, is hoped, may raise interest in art by the students.

A guitar and ukulele duo of musicians also entertained the children with popular, foot-tapping numbers and added to the happy musical melee.


The day concluded with everyone enjoying the delightful lunch provided by Glad Tidings Church, which included drinks and ice-cream !


Can’t wait till next year … !!


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