ERLC 2014 Choral Speaking Competition


Honest Horses

The Character Building class in ERLC held a choral speaking competition on 5 Sept 2014.  6 teams competed; namely ‘Just Jaguars’, ‘Bold Bisons’, ‘Tolerant Tigers’, ‘Honest Horses’, ‘Loyal Lions’ and ‘Responsible Rhinos’.  Each team comprises of students from Year 1 – 5.  The competition was held in Wesley Methodist Church Klang.  It aims to encourage the students to speak clearly and expressively, with emphasis on pitch, tone and unity of voices.

The students studied the topic of Punctuality and the text for the competition  was on the verses “A time for everything” from Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 & 11. No outsiders were present, except invited guests to judge the competition.  3 judges were appointed; the principal of the school, the creative arts director of Wesley Church and the Character Building teacher.


Responsible Rhinos

Each team has a community teacher who leads and guides them every week in Character Building class, which is attended by around 180 students.  The teams trained for a month for this competition.  As this was the first exposure to choral speaking for most of the students and teachers from Myanmar and other nationalities, the performance was beyond expectation.

Responsible Rhinos emerged as the winner as they had the most expressions for every verb in the verses.  Honest Horses was very good with the variation of pitch and tone of voices, including some solo parts and different people taking turns to speak.  Honest Horses bagged 1st runner up.  Loyal Lions and Just Jaguars tied for 2nd runner up. The judges were very impressed by the ability of the students to memorize so many words and express them quite well. Though there is much room for improvement, it was a satisfactory and interesting event.

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