Leadership Team

MMK’s leadership is represented by individuals from various local denominations and organizations. Being inter-denominational, we work in synergy by putting aside our differences and focusing on our strengths and resource to accomplish the Great Commission that Jesus gave.

MMK’s Core Group
Migrant Based Ministries
Chairman: Bro Andrew Ng Nepali Ministry: Bro Lionel Chee
Ps Dhan
Ps Bijay
Deputy Chairman: Dr Goon Swee Fook Telugu Ministry: Bro David Abram
Ps Raju
Vice Chairman: Bro Kueh Yeow Jee Pakistani Ministry: Bro Robin Peter
Secretary/Operations: Vietnamese Ministry: Bro Tony Thong
Ps Dao
Ps K’ Duc
Treasurer: Bro Tony Thong Cambodian Ministry: Bro Tony Siah
Sis Daphne Ooi
Other Members: Bro David Teh
Bro Lionel Chee
Bro Peter Gan
Bangladeshi Ministry: Bro Andrew Ng
Myanmarese Ministry: M.O.T. (interim)
Ps Charles
Indonesian Ministry: Bro Jerry Sorento
Ps Daniel
Operations Support Community Based Ministry
Resource Centre: Bro Robin Peter
Bro Rajan
Bro Khoo Kah Kheng
Refugee School Ministry: Sis Siew Kin
Bro David Teh
Finance: Bro Tony Thong
Bro Peter Gan
Sis Mary Johnson
Refugee Community Center: Bro Jimmy Chia
Sis Helen He
M.O.T.: Bro James Tan
Bro Jimmy Chia
Hand Made Soap Project: Bro David Teh
Bro Mun Toh
Pastoral Care: Rev Elanko
Bro Andrew Ng
Sewing Project: Sis June Tan
Sis Siew Kin
Sis Yen
Medical Clinic: Dr Goon Sweek Fook
Bro Andrew Ng
Educational Programs: Bro Pathi
Sis Usha
Bro Kueh Yeow Jee